November 2017

Being Proactive and Catching Issues in Employee Benefit Plans

Now that your 2016 Form 5500 and Employee Benefit Plan audit have been finalized, the next few months offer a great time to look at the current plan year and identity any potential issues prior to your

November 7, 2017

Are you Keeping up with your Reportable 1099 Payments?

Apart from the typical non-employee, individual whom you consider a subcontractor, are you aware of everyone who is in need of a 1099-Misc come January 31st of the subsequent year? The best practice you can do for

November 7, 2017

Fall Back… Plan Ahead

It is scary to think that Halloween has come and gone and we now have less than two months left in the year.  Where has the time gone? The only thing more frightening than ghosts and haunted

November 7, 2017