Intern Insight

The “Real World”

Hello, again! Growing up, I was always scared of the term, the “real world,” but this position has shown me that it is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, now I feel much more confident and professional.

August 22, 2018

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Hello, hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! I’m Brooke Baldassano, a tax intern here at Stephano Slack in Wayne. May 2019, I will graduate from Bloomsburg University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I can proudly say this

July 31, 2018

Work Hard, Play Hard

“Work hard, play hard.” Though we’ve all probably heard this saying, perhaps more of us should take it to heart. Recently, I took a day to go down to our Wilmington, Delaware office to work and then go to

October 11, 2017

Long Hair, Don’t Care

It’s never too late to set new goals. All you need is the drive to do so, and, in the case of a career goal, a firm that believes in you as much as you believe in

September 8, 2017

“Don’t Change Your Life for Your Job”

And no, that doesn’t mean you should quit your job and wait until one comes along that allows you to sit on your couch watching Netflix for weeks on end. However, what it does mean is you should

August 26, 2017