The latest insight from one of our current interns from Philly U, Kayleen! Enjoy 🙂

“So, do you like tax or audit?” This could very well be the most daunting question someone could ask an accounting student.  When I began my internship search my junior year, I was hearing this question far too often. I started to worry, how am I supposed to know which one I like without having any real world experience?!

Being an accounting student at Philadelphia University had prepared me with accounting skills that could go a long way, but not to answer that very important question. After accepting my very first internship with Stephano Slack, the blurriness behind the question started to clear.

I began my internship with the start of the 2015 tax season. I really did not know what to expect, but I was soon pleasantly surprised.  Everyone in the office was enthusiastic about their work and making sure clients were satisfied. I was quickly immersed in work that was meaningful and important. Preparing tax returns became a huge part of my routine. If I ever had a question, big or small, everyone was willing to lend a helping hand and their knowledge. I was ensured that I never had to be hesitant about asking questions because that was why I was there, to learn. As my first tax season came to a close, I truly knew that I picked the right field and tax was the right path for me. I enjoyed working and learning new things everyday about the accounting industry.

I was given the opportunity to stay with Stephano Slack into the summer months. During the summer, I was able to expand the subjects of my work. I received training regarding the audit side of accounting.  Seeing how most people say you either like tax or audit, I was surprised how much I enjoyed both. However, I could still feel myself gravitate towards tax. Throughout the summer, I worked with financial statements, tax notices and even more tax returns.

Summer eventually turned to fall and once again I was able to keep my position as an intern. Now, as a senior in college, I believe this internship truly paved the right path for me.  It provided me with a crash course on daily life as an accountant and real world accounting experiences. Today if you ask me the question, “So, do you like tax or audit?” I won’t have to hesitate. I can easily respond with tax!

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