February 2019

Stephano Slack Partner Plunges for Charity

Stephano Slack's partner, Ralph Cetrulo, was featured in Town Square Delaware's article for participating in the annual Polar Bear Plunge, which raised over $900,000 for Special Olympics of Delaware.  Click here to view the article.  

February 6, 2019

ASU 2017-12: “Targeted Improvements for Hedging Activities” – Interest Rate Swaps

The Why: Stakeholders indicated that hedge accounting requirements in current GAAP sometimes do not permit an entity to properly recognize the economic results in its financial statements. Entities wanted something that would better facilitate financial reporting that would

February 5, 2019

Forming an LLC

Let’s discuss LLCs! This is a very common business type but so many people (even those who OWN an LLC) do not actually realize what an LLC is... or what it could be. This is a great

February 5, 2019