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Financial Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence




Business valuation is a process that requires a solid understanding of many core areas, including but not limited to: accounting and finance, economics, and financial analysis. Stephano Slack brings sound judgment to this process and really takes the time to understand the situation surrounding the business in question. Our professionals possess the valuation credentials and experience to help provide you with a valuation that is both credible and defensible. Our client base in this area is industry agnostic, and dealing with businesses of all sizes. 

Stephano Slack currently performs business valuations for the following purposes: 

  • Estate and gift 
  • Shareholder buy-in / buy-out 
  • Value optimization 


Benchmarking is a very useful tool for business owners and C suite executives to understand the financial health of their business when compared to their peers and competitors. When providing benchmarking analysis, Stephano Slack would provide the following to you as a client: 

  • Combination of financial comparisons 
  • SWOT Narratives 

Financial Due Diligence

Selling or buying a business is a major event. At Stephano Slack, our experienced advisors are able to help you navigate this process from either side. The number one deal killer in today’s markets is time. When considering selling your business, it has been proven that with the help of a due diligence advisor can help to cut down the time when the buy-side comes in to review the books and determine the financial health of a potential target for acquisition. We carefully craft databooks and reports that take a deep dive into categories such as the below: 

  • Executive summary 
  • Overview of the business 
  • Product and pricing analysis 
  • Customer and vendor analysis 
  • Reviewing receivables and payables 
  • Understanding debt and debt-like items
  • Fixed asset and capital expenditures
  • Analysis of inventory 
  • Performing Quality of Earnings to determine reported EBITDA and Adjusted/Pro Forma EBITDA 
  • Performing Quality of Net Working Capital Analysis 
  • Trend analysis 

    On the sell-side, due diligence can help you to understand areas of concern to a potential buyer and how to be able to answer the tough questions. It can help to ensure a smoother transaction, optimize value, and cut down on any unnecessary surprises. 

    On the buy-side, due diligence can help to investigate a target’s potential weaknesses, understand their financial health, and determine risk to help proceed with deal terms in the negotiation process. 

    General CFO Advisory

    Stephano Slack is here to assist with fractional CFO advisory. We want to empower our clients and their businesses by being able to provide them with the tools they need to better understanding where they’ve been, and where they want to go. We are currently offering an array of services that includes: 

    • Understanding Key Performance Indicators 
    • Free Cash Flow Analysis 
    • EBITDA Analysis 
    • Financial Projections and Modeling 
    • Budgeting 
    • Sale Readiness Assessments 

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