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“Working with Stephano Slack over the past several years has been a positive experience because of their expertise and professionalism. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner for our growing business!”


“Stephano Slack has allowed us to service our clients efficiently with laser accuracy. We love our account director. He’s hyper responsive and works with seamless integration alongside our account staff despite being on the other side of the country. Having access to the directors of SS who are ex-Big Four account firm vets gives us the confidence that any financial question is solvable. We are proud to be a client for 10 years.”


“Foyr has enjoyed working with Stephano Slack over the past 2 years. The team has been very helpful in performing all the accounting services we get from them and they are very attentive to our changing needs. We have come to enjoy the relationship with them.”


“We have used Stephano Slack for our companies’ outsourced accounting and financial consulting for the past several years. As a franchisor accurate financial data and reporting is critical. Blake Chapman and the entire group are highly responsive and first class in their execution. I would highly recommend them to any group seeking a strong financial partner.”


“Stephano Slack’s accounting department is a key part of our team assisting with many aspects of our business, including grant management and tax filings. They are extremely knowledgeable in small business issues and provide expert support and give us a high-level of confidence in our financial management. The team is very responsive and provides excellent customer service.”


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Outsourced Accounting

Stephano Plus functions as an extension of your team—bringing you the services and advice you need for a strong financial foundation.

From back office support to outsourcing the entire function on an interim or permanent basis, we offer a flexible approach, remote capability, and a variety of service models from weekly to monthly to as-needed.

As a full-service accounting and advisory firm, working with our Outsourced Accounting team gives you access to our entire staff of CPAs and consultants. To top it off, our customized service approach lets you control cost and level of engagement.

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Week 9 – Secure Tax Act

Week 9 – Secure Tax Act

May 10, 2024 The Secure Tax Acts and Retirement From 2017 to 2022, there were several wide sweeping changes to the Tax Code. From the tax cuts created by the 2017 Tax Act to the legislation passed in 2020 and 2021 in response to the Covid pandemic. These tax law...

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Week 7 – Backdoor Roth IRA

Week 7 – Backdoor Roth IRA

April 26, 2024 Today’s topic for tax �p Friday is Backdoor Roth IRAs. While Roth IRAs are very popular, many high income taxpayers are unable to contribute due to Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) limits. The backdoor Roth IRA is a strategy that allows high...

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