Our Story

Our Story


Graduation was upon me in my senior year at Villanova University when a crucial decision arose.  A local accounting firm offered me a full-time job leaving me with the decision to accept the offer of employment or continue my studies to graduate on time.

I chose to accept the job offer and work for a small tax and accounting firm.  This decision dramatically impacted me personally and continues to provide me career perspective.  I learned the importance of excellent client service, the value of business relationships and what it takes to manage people.

A few promotions later, including reaching the level of partner, my career progress still felt incomplete.  I realized that in order to reach my full professional potential I needed to have more input on an organization’s vision and direction.

In 2004 I resigned and started Stephano & Associates with my current partner Blake Chapman. We used all of the knowledge and expertise gained in previous positions to create a unique and energetic accounting firm­­­­­­­­­.  Since then, we have continued to grow while remaining committed to that vision. I still experience a sense of satisfaction, from helping my colleagues and staff attain their professional goals while providing our clients with the personalized services they need to achieve their financial goals.

At Stephano Slack we look forward to serving you and ultimately acting as your partner on the road to success.

Our international accounting services specialists provide you with the international audit, tax, accounting, business, and consulting services you need to keep your global business running at an optimal level in every country. They bring with them rich experience in international investments, compliance of national/international business structures, auditing, tax planning, and business consulting.

We recognize the importance of international business growth and partner with our affiliated firm members of CPAmerica International, Crowe Horwath International, and other international firms to provide services to multinational firms or independent business owners who want to expand their business globally. We collaborate closely with banking and investment institutions, attorneys with international experience, site selection professionals, and municipal and state development agencies to facilitate international business development.

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