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Our experienced professionals routinely provide a broad range of resources tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. From traditional services such as tax planning, audits, reviews, and compilations to specialized fields of practice such as business valuations and tools for start-ups, you can rely on the experience, knowledge and professionalism of our people.

We take pride in the diverse range of topics and skills mastered by our team, our consistently high level of accessibility to clients, and our ability to meet all of their service and advisory needs. We see every engagement as an opportunity to begin a new client relationship or build upon an existing one. In addition, we always strive to establish clear communication and a comprehensive understanding of each client’s situation so that we can provide the highest quality service.

The visionary, client-centered approach of our firm empowers our team in reaching our primary goal – to become the provider of choice for individuals and businesses across our region and beyond.



At Stephano Slack LLC, we realize the vital importance of the auditing and accounting services we provide to each and every client. Our seasoned professionals deliver results that go beyond compliance in accuracy and reliability. The broad scope of knowledge they collectively possess enables the firm to serve clients who come to us with a wide range of financial situations and industry involvements.

In addition to expertise in audits, reviews and compilations, we assist clients with accurate and reliable due diligence, risk assessments and financial forecasting, as well as reviews of internal controls and agreed-upon procedures. Dedication to these core services is the first step to helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

Trust our experienced team to perform the next audit of your financial structure, pension plan, 401k or not-for-profit organization. As members of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, we must meet strict requirements regarding quality control, inspections, and providing our peer report findings to the public.



In today’s economy, taxes and applicable rules and regulations are constantly changing, and this will continue into the economy of tomorrow. At Stephano Slack LLC, we understand the importance of a solid tax strategy to individuals and organizations in our present and future economies. Our professional tax accountants realize that knowledgeable yet practical advice is the first step to planning a comprehensive tax strategy with an eye toward the future. They’ll answer your questions and suggest a plan of targeted solutions to tax concerns, focusing on reduction of your overall tax burden.

Our tax team will work with you to build a personalized tax strategy that meets your needs, from assistance with accounting and risk advisory services to compliance in federal, state and local tax matters. We’ll also assist in choosing and implementing the most appropriate tax software for your individual or corporate situation.

Tax questions? Contact us – we’ll find the answers.



The technology experts at Stephano Slack will assess your organization, determine which solutions are needed and will best work to your benefit, and will then proceed to assist with the implementation of those solutions. We combine an advanced knowledge of information technology and emerging financial and advisory resources with our exceptional understanding of organizational needs to provide solutions to even the most complex business processes.

We work with a variety of integrated financial systems that provide enterprise resource planning solutions and management assistance to all types of organizations, including specialized assistance for construction, manufacturing and distribution, and nonprofit operations. Our knowledgeable professionals will assist your business in the evaluation of your current IT structure and prepare the most efficient strategy for process improvement, planning and budgeting, security and continuity, and utilizing emerging technologies such as cloud computing. We’ll create a blueprint for IT development that plans for seamless integration of new technological tools as they become available.



At Stephano Slack LLC, our team provides reliable assistance in the planning and monitoring of trusts and estates. Experienced in asset valuation as well as estate and gift tax rules and procedures, they are uniquely prepared to deliver services that provide a strategic approach to family and business requirements, philanthropy, retirement, and business succession.

Once your personalized trust and/or estate plan is in place, our experts will monitor its progress and facilitate any revisions, reconstructions, or changes necessary to ensure the best possible results. Face the future with confidence, regardless of the value or complexity of your unique estate and trust situation.



Mergers and acquisitions may be a more commonplace occurrence in today’s business world, but the complexity of the process remains the same. The highly experienced professionals at Stephano Slack LLC are ready to partner with you, whether you’re buying, selling, or merging, to successfully navigate the intricate path of your M&A. Beginning with a personalized, comprehensive approach, they perform due diligence that includes thorough examination of company operations, compliance, tax situation, financial structure, and corporate culture. Conduct your next merger or acquisition based on an in-depth knowledge of even the most complex aspects of the entity under review.

Throughout the process, we provide the extensive experience and professional advice needed to ensure that your business adapts well to new conditions and is prepared to grow and develop successfully far into the future.




At Stephano Slack LLC, our team is dedicated to keeping current with the ever-changing compliance requirements of employee benefit plans. We believe that this essential process enables us to perform your audit with the utmost in efficiency and accuracy, and provide a clear picture of the status of your defined benefit or defined contribution plan, employee stock ownership or profit-sharing plan, or health care plan. Our professionals benefit from the latest training in regulatory changes and updates, and will work consistently to ensure that your employee benefit plans always remain in compliance.

We know how important this service is to the well-being of your employees, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way, always taking the time to answer your questions – no matter how simple or complex. These are a just a few of the challenging benefit plan issues that we deal with on a daily basis:

  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act rules and regulations
  • Valuation of hard-to-value investments
  • Department of Labor and IRS correction programs
  • Assistance with operational, compliance and regulatory matters
  • Common plan deficiencies, best practice recommendations and industry trends


For solid, practical business valuations when engaged in a merger or acquisition, seeking a Small Business Administration loan, or planning an estate with philanthropic provisions, trust the team at Stephano Slack to deliver. Our valuation specialists are experienced in technical accounting procedures in support of financial reporting requirements. We specialize in industry-oriented valuations as well as insightful analysis of business assets, capital structures and investments, all while providing comprehensive and strategic valuation services that meet even the most stringent regulatory guidelines.



At Stephano Slack LLC, we understand that Family Office Assistance is an essential resource, especially for closely held businesses and high net-worth individuals. Our dedicated professionals draw from their expertise in areas ranging from tax to financial planning and estates and trusts to provide a broad scope of family office services including, but not limited to: bookkeeping, cash flow monitoring, investment and debt management, estate planning, and financial analysis and reporting. We’re prepared to skillfully handle everyday aspects of your business and assist in planning for a secure financial future, allowing you to devote more time to other pursuits.

Our client-centered approach to providing family office assistance is based on clear and constant communication, especially with regard to real estate transactions, valuations and estate and succession planning. Our team makes certain that everyone involved is fully aware of the implications of major transactions on the family business and on all participants and stakeholders.



Stephano Slack LLC was founded on entrepreneurial spirit, and we are eager to encourage it in our clients. Our firm offers a variety of accounting, tax and business advisory services, and our experienced professionals will combine them to create a customized service plan tailored to effectively meet the unique needs of your new business. We know from personal experience that starting a business is one of the most exciting and challenging undertakings in life and the costs, setbacks, time constraints and other concerns can make entrepreneurship seem overwhelming at times. We strive to lighten the burden by helping startup companies understand what they need to do to succeed and advising them on the best possible paths and solutions based on our knowledge and experience.

We provide a full range of startup services, including but not limited to: the review and compilation of financial statements, cash flow modeling and projections, software recommendation and implementation, tax planning and preparation of returns, risk analysis, business valuations, and advice on financing options. Contact us for the added support you need to make your startup a rousing success and for planning and advisory services to ensure continued growth far into the future.



At Stephano Slack, our Outsourced Accounting practice serves as an extension of your team bringing you the services and advice you need for a strong financial foundation. From back office support to outsourcing the entire function on an interim or permanent basis, we offer a flexible approach, remote capability, and a variety of service models from weekly to monthly to as-needed.

Our credentialed and experienced accountants deliver accounting services and information that help you make informed business decisions. We offer a wide breadth of services, from bookkeeping to controller to managing your financial infrastructure. We bring you senior-level insights and advice with controller and CFO experience. Working with companies from startups to middle market companies, our key services include:

  • Budgeting, forecasting, and projections
  • Assisting with complex accounting issues
  • Developing and implementing financial and business plans
  • Analyzing financial strategies
  • Benchmarking and trend analysis
  • Managing and projecting cash flow
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Maintaining general ledger
  • Preparing and adjusting journal entries
  • Managing accounting, tax, and payroll records
  • Planning and compliance for taxes
  • Preparing and filing payroll and other tax returns
  • Supporting QuickBooks

As a full-service accounting and advisory firm, working with our Outsourced Accounting practice gives you access to our entire staff of CPAs and consultants. And, our customized service approach lets you control cost and level of engagement.

In addition to working with firms across many industries, we offer outsourced accounting services for high net worth individuals, providing the financial insights and services they need to achieve their goals.