As one intern begins, another says goodbye. He actually said “cheers” because he’s heading to London!

Kevin wrote a post right before his departure to London. Read about his experience at Stephano Slack LLC.

Hi, my name is Kevin Giambri, a recent graduate from Philadelphia University. Entering my senior year there I found myself somewhat behind in the game when it comes to work experience. For the previous eight summers I was employed by Sal Giambri Home Improvements working construction with my father. I was also a member of the Philadelphia University Baseball Team for the three years leading up to this which greatly limited my time to devote to work during the school year. Naturally in that position having only nine months separating me from the working life, I began to panic a bit. It wasn’t until spring semester, or tax season, until I landed an internship. I began working at Stephano Slack LLC in the heat of tax season with much thanks to my professor and friend James Solano.

My first week here was the first week in February. I would be lying if I told you I knew what to expect, the truth is this was going to be my first time working in an office setting; needless to say I was a little nervous. I was given the grand tour of the office while meeting my new co-workers (who were all buried in their client files and digital 1040s). Right off the bat I was greeted with open arms and assured if ever I had a question to feel free to ask whomever. I remember thinking to myself how great of an opportunity this was for me being my first internship. Too often do you hear of tragedy stories of first internships, this seemed to not be the case from the start.

In my time here so far I have experienced a wide variety of work ranging from tax return preparation to assembling a power point presentation intended for bankers. I also worked with one of the managing partners where I created five year projections for a client’s new business. I was then fortunate enough to sit in on the meeting with bankers when the work was finished. This work experience could not have been more diversified. I have been privileged enough to have gained insight on things that would have never crossed my mind coming into my stint here as an intern; for instance, working until 10:00pm is common practice during tax season. Also it dawned on me that the work environment can also be a fun one, in moderation. At Stephano Slack LLC there is compensation for the group when tasks are complete, at the end of every tax season there is a gathering with everyone in the office to unwind, I’ve heard of cookouts and Phillies outings, and during tax season a wife of one of the managers caters lunch on Saturday (homemade!!!!!)

So now I find myself with only a couple days from wrapping up my internship here at Stephano Slack LLC, writing to an audience on how things have panned out and I must say that working in an office is far different from working construction wearing boots and jeans every day to work. I may not have fully adjusted yet however, this was undoubtedly a huge step in the right direction all thanks to James Solano and the kind people I call co-workers.

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