At this time of year many organizations wrap up their calendar year ends, close out their books and clean up open items. Your personal financial life deserves the same attention, in effect it is a “business”.

Consider the following as a helpful reminder of financial issues to address:

  1. Clean up your paid bills, checking statements and other financial material. KEEP important papers, shred the rest.
  2. Review your investments with your Investment adviser if you have not during the past year.  If you have not, why not?
  3. Review and rebalance your 401 K plan and rollover IRA accounts. Remember your age and risk tolerance are connected. For Example ; in general people over 50 should NOT be 100% invested in equities. ( unless so advised by a professional )
  4. Review your Life Insurance, and all other insurances for inadequate or excess coverages.
  5. If you haven’t started , open that college savings or 401-K plan. Don’t let another year pass.

You work hard for your money, make sure it is working hard for you!

Happy New Year from your friends and advisers at Stephano Slack 

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