A new job, new people and different environment can be nerve racking. I remember just two weeks ago, I was a nervous wreck, getting ready for my new internship a Stephano Slack. My palms were probably sweating and I was definitely over thinking the whole thing. However, the moment I walked into the office on Tuesday, January 7, I felt welcomed. I was welcomed by the partners, accountants and staff. Everyone at Stephano Slack was extremely kind and helpful.

The first two weeks were mostly software training and getting familiar with how to use ProSystem and Engagement for reviews, compilations and audits. I learned so much in two days. At first it feels like an overload of information, but the program seems less complicated the more you navigate through it.

I was most excited last Tuesday when I was assigned to input numbers in a trial balance. The task was a simply one, nothing that involved to much thinking or experience, but it was an instructive task that taught me yet again something else about the Engagement System, that otherwise I would have not known. It also allowed me to see, just how willing everyone is to help out. This week I learned how to input a tax return through ProSystem. I came into work and found a stack of papers on my table with a note that stated that it was for me. To be honest I panicked a bit. My first thought was, “I have no idea what to do”. But my worries were for nothing, because John Loughlin, and Tax Manager,  pulled up a chair and sat right next to me and guided me through the beginning of the tax return. Then he stood up and assured me that it was perfectly fine to come and ask for help. Stanley Wielgus, one of our Partners, also came over to assure that I was doing okay and talked a bit about why the company was filing this type of tax return. I have learned so much in such little time at Stephano Slack and truly enjoy being a part of such a friendly group of people.

My name is Massiel Lopez and I am one of the new interns for Stephano Slack. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and gain experience in taxes, auditing and accounting. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog of the week and I look forward to sharing with you my experience at Stephano Slack.


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