As the 3/15 deadline approaches, everyone is getting very busy having returns out of the door by the deadline. But returns don’t always go as smoothly they could since not all information is available for us to prepare the returns. And in order to give extra time for my co-workers and clients to have extra time to prepare returns, I was given the task of filing extensions.

Filing extensions is new to me as I did not have the chance to do it last year. I remember seeing Kevin, his blog will be next week, filing extensions last year, so I was little bit worried at the beginning. But it was a lot easier than I expected, and it is easy to follow. It is not like filing the tax return, you have to go through all the details and figure out what is the best way to allocate everything so I guess I have the easier job compared to everyone else who are getting stressed out filing tax returns. The only “hard” thing was to go after all the tax managers so they will squeeze some time out from their busy schedule to prepare the extension list for me. I probably scared half of them because I was being persistent asking for the list. I can see the managers hiding from me when the April 15th deadline is approaching haha! I know from now until the end of the tax season will be busier and everyone will be more stressed out, but hang in there, April 15th is only 6 Saturdays away!

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