It’s a new summer, which means new interns sharing their experiences at Stephano Slack. We hope you find this interesting and enjoyable.

Hello everyone! My name is Rick Reigner and I am in my second week as an intern with Stephano Slack, and I am glad to be in the position that I am. Upon walking into the doors the first day, I have to admit that I was pretty nervous, especially being that it was my first internship and that I had no office experience. From the start, everyone in the office made you feel welcomed and immediately part of the “team” with their great personalities and the understanding that they were also in the same position that I was in their careers. With that, I was appreciative and very excited to see what was next to come.

The one thing that I was worried about when taking an internship position was that of only having to do intern “chores”, such as filing papers or printing and scanning reports and papers. But this was not the case on the first day of an intern. We started training immediately with partner Michael Kerwin and we first started with learning of the software used in the office which is called ProSystems Engagement. At first it was confusing (as it should be), but you quickly understand how to operate and use the software. Also came the training of ProfitCents which is a web based financial analysis program which is used for audit, review documentation, and analysis of privately held companies. I like using this program a lot because it is very interactive and you get to see the ins and outs of how the analytics are prepared for clients.

Along with Jay, the other intern, we started our first project which involved us comparing client and company financials to those of the ProfitCents to make sure they matched up. It was great to actually put all of the things I have learned during school into real life office experience. This is only the first of things to come, and I am glad it is here at Stephano Slack.

Thanks for listening!


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