Hello everyone. My name is Jay Donovan and I will be starting my senior year at Delaware Valley College in the fall. I am majoring in accounting and will be enjoying my final year of playing basketball for Del Val. Last summer I interned for a finance company, so this summer I was really trying to acquire a position at an accounting firm. I could not have been luckier to find a spot here at Stephano Slack.

            Right when I walked through the door on the first day, all I could notice was how friendly everyone here was. Rick, my fellow intern, and I were given a tour around the office and everyone really made us feel like we were at home. When starting a new job and experience, it is only human nature to be nervous. Fortunately, all of the Stephano Slack employees really relieved a lot of those nerves from the start and I could not have been more grateful.

            Michael Kerwin, a partner at the firm, made it clear from the start that this would not be the type of internship where I would be out running errands for people all day. Instead, this would be the type of internship where I would really improve my skills in the workplace and develop even better skills to use for my career path. He could not have been more correct. We started from day one with a fast-paced, high-volume training session in which we learned how to correctly operate ProSystems Engagement, a software with many capabilities such as creating and editing financial statements and exporting completed data to tax returns.  After the first day, I knew I was going to greatly benefit from this opportunity.

            We then learned how to use ProfitCents, a program that evaluates companies based on their numbers and provides reports that the companies can use to draw accurate conclusions of themselves. ProfitCents is interesting because it can compare up to five years of a company’s data and give estimates of what their numbers may or should look like for the next year. It has been a very hands-on program that I am learning more from every day. I have already learned a lot from ProSystems Engagement and ProfitCents and I look forward to becoming very accustomed to these programs throughout these next couple of months.

            My experiences here at Stephano Slack have been tremendous after the first couple weeks. I am ecstatic to be a part of this company and I cannot wait to see what else is in store. Thank you for reading.


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