Welcome back everyone! It has now been over a week since my last blog post and a lot has happened in the office since then.

Last week started off with my first ever corporate luncheon/event for Stephano Slack at the Desmond Great Valley Hotel & Conference Center. Stephano Slack was awarded at the Chamber’s Celebration of Business Leadership 2014 for the Growing Business of the Year Award! I am glad to have jumped on board with the great group of people here! Stephano Slack has also added two new employees to the group, welcome Maureen and Kevin (Kevin was an intern and has now been hired full time)!

Now having had the time to experience with the two software programs of ProSystems Engagement and ProfitCents, training for another program was in store. Jamie, one of the senior tax associates here at Stephano Slack, started training us with the program ProSystems FX Tax. This program is where we will complete tax returns and fill out forms for any type of entity such as an individual client, C Corp, S Corp, etc. After this was completed, I was asked by Jamie to complete a new client’s tax return. This was a very exciting time because it would be the first tax return I have ever completed! It was absolutely a great experience and I hope to do many more.

Finishing the week, Jay my fellow partner/intern and I have almost completed our project within ProfitCents that involves us assembling the mappings and groupings in the software for the clients so that their analytics can be easily set up and available. The reason why we want to make it easily available and ready to set up is because the analytics is the basis for the reviews and audits to be completed for the following year. The analytics will help the audit and review teams as it is the driver for the audit program both in the audit and the review.

Thanks for listening and I hope everyone has an enjoyable 4th of July. Thank you to our troops!


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