Hello everyone. This week there are a couple things I would like to talk about, but first I would like to congratulate Stephano Slack on receiving the Growing Business of the Year Award at the Chamber’s Celebration of Business Leadership. This company continually shows me how lucky I am to have found a spot here and I am honored to be a part of this journey.

This past week, partner Michael Stephano had a task for me to complete. He sat me down, went through a list of clients with me, and had me create a spreadsheet detailing how much each client made back from an original investment that they had made. It was very cool to complete this return on investment spreadsheet after just recently learning about this kind of stuff in the classroom. I was given a separate task later in the week that involved me analyzing a company’s financial statements and then creating and inserting a trial balance into the ProSystem FX Engagement software. I was very excited to complete this task, as it was my first time actually editing data in the Engagement software.

Rick and I have completed our ProfitCents project that he described in the previous blog. Like he said, the successful completion of this project will save time and make life easier for our fellow coworkers come next year. Hopefully there is another project like this one for us in the future, and I cannot wait to see what else we are assigned to complete.

We will do anything we can to help keep this company growing at a fast pace! Thanks for reading.


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