Thanks for checking back in as it has been little over a week since my last blog. This past week, Tax Manager John Loughlin, asked  me to prepare a tax return for a new client that we have received. This tax return was different from the first one I completed so it was another learning experience because I had to navigate through different parts of the tax software that I did not experience the first time I had this task. The reason for this was because I had to prepare other tax forms that dealt with a Partnership, an entity that I have not worked on before. I was pretty nervous with the return but once you start to understand where things go in the system and why they go there you start to feel reassured and especially with the help of John and others such as Lee, my go to guy when I have a tax question. I am really appreciative of this and I am really enjoying the experience. I can definitely see myself completing more tax returns in the near future.

In January of this year, Stephano Slack announced its continued expansion through its merger with Plymouth Meeting-based Katz, Frantz, and Company LLC. To make this transition a little bit smoother for both ends, Jay and I have taken a couple trips up to Plymouth Meeting to help out with anything that needs of assistance. With this merger, Stephano Slack and Katz, Frantz, and Company will strengthen their business and make it one of the largest middle market firms in the Philadelphia area.

On a side note, I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for this internship opportunity, and I can’t stress enough to all of the college students out there to go out and find an internship suitable to you. It truly is the stepping stone from one environment (the classroom) to another (the workplace). Here at Stephano Slack I stepped in with zero office experience, and now I am experienced in a wide variety of office systems and capable of completing the tasks given to me with confidence.

It is kind of sad that I only have a month left of my internship here, but there is still a lot of work to be done! The goal I set myself for everyday is well….learn something new every day. The more knowledgeable you are, the more appealing you are! Thanks for listening.


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