Welcome back. First and foremost I would like to welcome Julia Kang to the firm. Julia is going to be a senior at Radnor High School in the fall and she will be interning here for the rest of the summer.

                This week I took a lot of time to review the ProfitCents project that Rick and I have recently completed. There were a couple things here and there that needed to be changed but overall, it was a successful project. Along with reviewing the ProfitCents mappings, I was given a task that involved both the ProSystem FX Engagement and ProfitCents software. The job was to create a current-year trial balance from a list of accounts and numbers given, and from there insert the completed trial balance into the Engagement software. After the trial balance was successfully entered into Engagement, a 5-year report was to be entered and run in ProfitCents. This task was very cool to complete because it took my current knowledge of both of the software and combined it into one completed assignment.

                In recent weeks, Rick and I have been taking turns going to the other office in Plymouth Meeting, which he touched on in last week’s blog. While the office here in Wayne is almost completely paperless, the office in Plymouth Meeting uses all paper files. We have been helping organize their files so that this exciting transition can go as smooth as possible. The employees in Plymouth Meeting have such great enthusiasm and I expect nothing less than a stellar merger to take place.

                One of the most important lessons I have learned since the start of my time here at Stephano Slack is that nobody is perfect and you cannot dwell on mistakes that you make. This was my first time doing accounting work in the real world so making mistakes was inevitable. Luckily, this was an easy lesson to learn because everyone has been so friendly and helpful. It is really crazy to think that I only have one month left here at the firm. Thanks for reading.


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