Welcome back everyone! It has been close to two weeks since my last blog and a lot has happened since then. First of all I would like to welcome Nick Ciocca, a senior accountant here at Stephano Slack, welcome to the firm! I can see first-hand of the firm’s commitment to continue growing and making it one of the top firms in the Philadelphia area. Everyone here who I have had an opportunity to work with is very skilled, understanding, and helpful with whatever task is at hand.

This week I was given a project from Michael Stephano which involved me creating a Summary of Participant Accounts for a client’s 401K. I was given the original document that we received from the client but to make it more convenient and accessible for the firm and the client I was asked to export all of the information into excel. Because it was in a PDF file, I had to extract all of the information using the Able2Extract computer software and make sure that the new information was clear, clean, and free of error. Along with this I had some other tasks one of which involved me working in the tax software and looking up a few clients in the tax software and printing out their 1040’s and for one case a 1040NR, which is an US Income Tax Return for Certain Nonresident Aliens.

With less than a month left with my internship, I took a step back and evaluated my time here at Stephano Slack. It amazed me how much I have learned in such little time compared to the classroom. In such a short span of time I have learned and gained skills in different computer softwares and programs, prepared tax returns, worked with trial balances, created analytics, and much more. What really separates this type of work compared to the type in the classroom is that it is directly connected with completing tasks which help out the firm. This is what I really wanted in my internship, to help out the firm and at the same time learn. I am glad I have the opportunity that I have.

Thanks for listening!


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