Hello all,

My name is Kevin Giambri. I was an intern here at Stephano Slack for a little over a year, recently a new hire and a proud junior staff accountant for this company. But I’ll be the first person to tell you the switch was not as easy as advertised. The transition from intern to full time employee has been an eye opening experience that came with a learning curve. 

My time as an intern was very informative and educational. My internship with Stephano Slack gave me the experience with the software programs, company procedures and expectations, exposure to the work environment and most importantly the foundation needed to advance myself in this company. A lot of times, new hires spend upwards to a month in training, learning these things where as I was able to hope right into working. I was fortunate enough to have that basis prior to my start date.

That being said, I was in for a treat when I started full time. In my first two months since being hired, I spent five straight weeks doing field work on various audit jobs. I’ll admit to being somewhat nervous for this stretch, after all it was the first job time my work would receive a review by the manager on the engagement assignment. Had it not been for my previous auditing experience as an intern, my expectations would have been a little different. Thankfully I saw time in the field during my internship that further readied me for my new endeavors. 

My time in the field was far different from any work experience I had as an intern. As expected, the responsibilities are heightened; which is something that I particularly enjoy because it means seeing a job all the way through. As an intern you’re often asked to contribute supplementary work that doesn’t exactly allow you to see the grand scheme of things. It’s a different side of things that comes with the role. 

All in all, I would say my internship here at Stephano slack was extremely beneficial. I stepped into the junior staff accountant position ahead of the curve. They readied me for the road ahead here and created the foundation I would be building on as I make the moves to further my career as a public accountant. A lot of great things are going on around the office from the merger with Katz, Frantz and Company, LLC that happened in January to the promotions of Mike Kerwin to partner and Jay Brooks to manager. This company is on the rise and I am proud to be given the opportunity to join the team and start my career there and Stephano Slack.

Thank you for reading,                                            

Kevin Giambri

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