Hello! I am Jeff. I am a senior at Temple University. My major is in Accounting and my minor is Management Information Systems. I am graduating after this spring semester. I started my internship with Stephano Slack LLC in the beginning of September this year and I will be continuing in the spring. I am excited to work in the spring, or as accountants call it “the busy season”, because I have heard so much about how difficult the spring can be on accountants from school and I can’t wait to see the extent of the challenge first hand.

School has prepared me for certain aspects of the working world, but there are some things you can only learn by doing them in a hands-on environment. A big difference is most of the software we use here is nothing like anything I used in school. In particular the accounting software for preparing returns is not what I expected after using no software in my Tax class where we only used paper forms and my own experience with doing my own taxes with TurboTax.  Since I have been here I have been working with lots of applications that I had not seen in any of my classes, but by using the software and asking for help from co-workers when I’m stuck I have been able to learn to use it better.

A big question young accountants are asked to answer is if they prefer tax or audit. When asked this question I was never able to answer it. I was not sure if I would like tax or audit more based off of my experiences in those classes at school. It was difficult to know which direction to pursue without getting real world experience in both to be able to make a decision between which path to follow. I was not sure if I would like tax, after taking the class in school, but after doing tax returns and learning from team members I have grown to enjoy them. Even though I have not done much with audit here yet I am pretty sure I am going to be more of a tax guy. This internship at Stephano Slack is a big part in helping to be able to answer this question.

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