Busy season is finally here! Everyone lingers in the office until well after dark trying to get extra work completed. Saturday is now just another work day (except jeans are acceptable attire). Deadlines need to be met and clients remain the priority, but there is still time to learn and have fun.

Since this is my second time interning during busy season, I’m no longer the newest intern on the block. It is easier to understand how the office operates during this crazy time. Everyone works as a team to get projects complete efficiently and accurately.

For the past couple weeks, I have been working on a client that I worked on last busy season too. It is helpful to see repeat projects because you become familiar with how everything flows and is supposed to look. This project is very beneficial because I am seeing the tax project from the very beginning stage to the very end. Right now, I am working on Excel documents that need to be updated before the return can be completed. Once these spreadsheets are updated, I will be able to prepare the return.

As a student and intern, becoming familiar with accounting projects is key. Being able to apply my knowledge from the classroom to real world projects enhances the grasp I have on accounting procedures. The pieces of information that I learn in the classroom and the pieces of real world experience I learn here at Stephano Slack come together to make the full picture clearer. Unfortunately, one big topic that the classroom never teaches you is how to survive busy season. Maybe Busy Season 101 should be a part of the accounting curriculum!



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