Hello there! My name is Sean J. Richardson, and I am currently an intern for Stephano Slack in Wilmington, DE. This will be my third tax season in a public accounting firm, however, my first here at Stephano Slack, and I must say that this is the most thrilling and knowledgeable one yet! Things here at Stephano are better than anything I have experienced.

My first week, I was asked to go out on an audit for the entire week and perform various tasks to help the audit team! It was exciting! I had the opportunity to encounter new people from the Wayne office during my time there.

Within four days of employment I was handed two non-profit (990) returns to complete. Knowing that everyone here was willing to and able to help out when I ran into problems made those returns run smoothly. Since, that time I have completed numerous 1065’s (partnership), 1040’s (individual), and even a few 1120’s (S-Corp). I currently am doing a lot of individual tax returns AKA 1040’s, which are extremely interesting because every return is different!  What I mean by this is that every client has different documentation.

Even though I have done returns in the past, I am continuing to learn new things every day. Tax laws change every year and so do the clients, which means maintaining an open mind is crucial. You are never done learning in public accounting. This makes teamwork more important, as everyone needs to constantly be in communication with each other to stay up to date!

Making the change to Stephano Slack was one of the greatest and most intelligent decisions I have ever made. I have learned more within the past month than I did in two years. I hope that I will be able to continue with Stephano Slack after my graduation in May!

-Sean J. Richardson

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