We have about three more weeks of busy season left before everything calms down again. Time has been flying by and before we know it the deadline will have come and gone. Things will be slow again for a while, they say, until the next deadline approaches. It’s supposed to start getting busy again in mid-late summer I hear, because of corporate filers and extensions. I’m not sure what the next deadline will be, but it could be for the extensions in six months in mid-October.
I’ve been spending most of my time scanning clients tax documents so that the preparer has organized and backed up information to work with at the start of every new return. I have also been working on Individual Returns (1040s) which are fun because they’re almost like a puzzle that you get to solve. Also, I’ve been responding to IRS notices here and there.
This has been my first time experiencing busy season at an accounting firm and I have learned a lot of valuable skills in my time here so far. It is a busy time of year, but has been very important to my development as an accountant.

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