My first Busy Season is flying by. Everyone in the Wayne Office has made it an awesome experience. There is some stress in the air, but everyone always makes time to take a little break, making for a great balance. It makes a big difference especially when you need to take a break from a difficult return.

I have been working on a lot individual tax returns a couple S Corporation returns. I also have been helping out with scanning to ensure it doesn’t get too backed up, but it’s a nice change. The good news is that most of our client’s information has already come in and returns are getting done quickly and efficiently. I’m sure our client’s information will continue to trickle in though.

The best part about the office has to be the people that work here. Everyone is willing to help and if they are not the best person, they run and grab the pros in the office. Everyone also has a smile on their face even though they are all stressed. Having the buddy system has also been a huge help because it gives you someone who you can go to for any questions. It makes it convenient that my buddy sits right behind me and extra bonus is when he sings or just says something funny to lighten the mood. There’s never a dull moment.

As tax season is winding down I realized how much I have learned and how lucky I am to intern at Stephano Slack. It is crazy to think that three months have already gone by. This is truly an amazing experience because as an intern you are treated as staff just with a little more guidance and training. For anyone looking for an internship, Stephano Slack is a great firm where you will learn a lot.


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