Well, April 18th is almost here, which means tax season is coming to an end. Yes, you read that correctly. Tax season will end on April 18th, rather than the familiar day of April 15th. Reason being that April 15th falls on a federal holiday this year! This means that we get a few extra days to “clean up”. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first tax season here at Stephano Slack. Every day, I was given new opportunities to learn and grow both as an intern/future accountant, and as an individual.

The past few weeks I have been working on individual tax returns. The more returns I completed, the more improvements I have made. A lot of the returns I am completing are being reviewed by Ralph, one of the partners here at the Wilmington office. I was super nervous that my returns wouldn’t meet his professional expertise! As I initially found this to be intimidating, I am grateful for the feedback and assistance I received. The first return he reviewed of mine, I was pondering the many different outcomes that could arise, would I get fired? Would I be demoted? The possibilities were endless in my mind. After reviewing my first return, his feedback was nothing but a positive “overall excellent job”.

What separates Stephano Slack from my past experience in Public Accounting is their desire to teach, and endless encouragement. No matter the errors or mistakes I made, Ralph, Julie, and Brooke made themselves available to answer questions and/or help me; resulting in an overall better understanding of the task at hand.

As for my future with Stephano Slack, I was offered a full-time position here in the Wilmington office, in which I delightedly accepted. For any future interns reading this, please feel free to reach out to me for advice. I am thrilled to be a full time member of the Stephano team, and look forward to my future with them.

-Sean J. Richardson

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