Over the past month or so I have been working on a lot of different projects in the office. The first project that I worked on was updating our client project system that allows us to see which projects are already completed and which projects need more attention in order to be completed. I have also been working on a few tax returns that were extended from Busy Season. I have been doing this in-between project to give me a little break and keep me familiar with the tax software.

Other projects I have been working on include creating a digital file for all of our paper files that are in storage, a few trial balances, and I am currently working on updating all of our Client IDs to ensure they follow a particular order and are grouped accordingly.

The summer is definitely a lot different from Busy Season, but it is a nice change.  It feels good to be back in the office working on a variety of projects. It keeps things interesting because I’m not working on the same thing day after day. The managers definitely know what they are doing when assigning tasks. Overall, I’m glad to be back!!!


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