Summer temperatures may be rising outside, but things are still cooling off at Stephano Slack.  The summertime offers quite a different change of pace than busy season.  My summer internship has allowed me time to focus on new skills, rather than just busy season necessities.

I have been working on various types of tax notices.  I worked on notices from state and federal levels for individuals and businesses.  To complete the notice projects, I start by reviewing the notice to see what to look for in the return.  Then, I work to see if we agree or disagree with what the notice is providing us.  Finally, I compose a letter stating our response and have it sent to the correct department for review.  Completing projects for tax notices allows me to understand the concepts of how many tax return calculations function and improve my written communication skills.

I have also continued working on tax preparation for clients who had their returns extended.  It is great to see the progression of the returns as different documents continue to be sent in.  This also helps with organizational skills and keeping up-to-date lists so things do not fall behind during the summer months.

I am able to attend the Tax Huddles during the week.  These are great meetings for facilitating communication between all levels of the firm.  It is great to hear about deadlines and expectations first hand and often.

There is still some time left for Summer 2016, so I can’t wait to continue working on new and challenging projects


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