Sean McCabe, senior editor with Accounting Today, featured Stephano Slack’s innovative idea to reduce stress during tax season.  The firm invited the Providence Animal Shelter from Media, Pa. and Renee’s Rescues from Hockessin, Del. to bring in rescue puppies from Puerto Rico to the office on a recent Friday afternoon.

To view the article, click on the following link: Stephano Slack invites rescue puppies in for tax season relief.

The firm’s “Fun Committee” is tasked with finding creative new ways to uplift the team during busy periods of the year and reached out to the shelter to set up the event. One puppy was even able to find a new home with a firm member.

“Stephano Slack takes tax season seriously. We also take the well-being of our staff seriously, and this is the time of year stress can build up as long days stretch into the evening,” stated Nick Ciocca, partner at Stephano Slack. “It all adds up to better mental and physical health, and that’s better for our employees and clients.”

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