If you have not seen this notice yet, you will.

PA has a glitch in their system which is generating CNI filing delinquency for pass-through entities for 2016.
As pass through entities are no long required to file the RCT-101s after 12/31/15, these notices are obviously in error.
Don’t worry – PA is waiting for a computer patch….

In the meantime, send a fax to address:

Fax (717) 783-8265
Attn: Corporate Clearance

ABC LLC EIN XX-XXXXXXX is a pass through entity and is no longer required to file Form RCT-101.  The final filing was for the period ending 12/31/15.

Please update your records accordingly.

 **Note you can send one fax for multiple clients.

For more information, please contact our tax department!

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