Today, looking back at my invaluable fall internship at Stephano Slack, I am reminded of my grandmother’s words, words of comfort, power, and purpose, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

These are words that speak to my time at a firm that welcomed me into its own family, taught me, and showed me not only the foundations of a successful career in accounting, auditing, or tax, but a lifelong commitment to excellent people-driven service. In the Outsourced Accounting department I had the privilege of getting to know incredible individuals who helped me exceed my learning objectives, connect with my work engagements, and grow in decisive ways that advanced my aspiration to continue to learn in all I do. Whether processing an invoice, working through a 1099, updating a bank feed, or organizing important documents, this growth was both consistently sought and actively achieved.

Going into my junior year at Cabrini University having my grandmother’s words on the forefront of my mind, I reached out to Stephano Slack without prior interaction, not knowing if there was even an opportunity for me. To my delight, I received an invitation to interview, and soon thereafter was hired, demonstrating in the process my enthusiasm to get started. As I became more accustomed to my regular tasks, projects, and responsibilities, I shared memorable conversations, exchanges, and ideas with fellow staff, other department members, the partners, and even a birthday buddy. I cherished the firm’s holiday parties, fundraisers, birthday celebrations, and other festivities, knowing that they shaped my experience in subtle ways, yet gave opportunity for interpersonal connections that dynamically bolstered my understanding. I enjoyed the sights, the sounds, and even the snacks, and will use the knowledge gathered, the competencies conveyed, and the wisdom instilled, to further my academic, social, and professional direction.

Today, I know that my internship at Stephano Slack was comforting because of the friends I’ve made, powerful because of the things I did, and purposeful because of the lessons I’ve learned. That is why my grandmother’s words so beautifully capture this experience, not only because I prioritized what I needed to do, but because I see more clearly now what I want to do, where I want to go, and who I want to be. I thank everyone in this welcoming family for their contribution to my journey, a journey forever made more fascinating, forever made more exciting, and forever made more ready to follow my heart and make the world a better place.

David DelPo

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