March is Women’s History Month!  To many, March is a celebratory month for the brave women who first fought for equality and paved the way for the women of today. We all have demanding lives, especially in tax season, let us take a quick moment to dive into the History of Women in Accounting.

Christine Ross took the CPA exam in December, 1896 in the state of New York. Due to her gender, there was a 6-18 month delay in releasing her scores, only to find that her score ranked in the top three in her group. Christine became the first female CPA in in the United States in December, 1899.  Mary T. Washington became the first black woman to become a CPA in the United States in 1943, in the state of Illinois.

Because of women like Christine Ross and Mary T. Washington, Stephano Slack LLC is in support of granting hard working women the opportunities they deserve. Today, Jolie B. Karp, CPA and Partner at Stephano Slack LLC is a hard working woman and demonstrates the resilience to work through the pressures of busy season year after year. Beyond taking the time to acknowledge these brave, influential women, we all should take advantage of moments to develop the strength to press through the pressures of life; in our homes, careers or education to reach an end goal. Stephano Slack sets goals and actively works towards attaining those goals! As we experience the small successes daily, we strive to provide our clients with the same successes…

Alicia Maynard


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