A Message From Our Partners

We are reaching out to simply let you know that all of us are thinking of you during these unprecedented times.

Life has we know it has been challenged and changed: the new work environment shared with fury four-legged pets and “office mates” who know you as “mom and dad;” the cancellations of classes, proms, and graduations for our children and grandchildren; the uneven home haircuts we have given ourselves; and the inability to hug our loved ones. 

Our country has overcome every obstacle it has ever encountered. This situation is no different. Our lives may be changed moving forward, but that will not stop us from overcoming this challenge. 

As we continue to embrace this “new normal,” we encourage you to find ways to stay connected and take care of yourself. Video call a dear friend or family member. Enjoy spring’s sunshine on a long walk. Find ways to practice a hobby you get joy from.

As we were before COVID-19, the Firm is here if you ever need us. We hope that you and your family are and remain safe and healthy. 


Michael Stephano, CPA, Managing Partner                                              

Blake Chapman, CPA, Partner                                                                    

Nicholas Ciocca, CPA, Partner                                                                    

Jolie Karp, CPA, Partner                                                                                

Ralph Cetrulo, CPA, Partner                                                                         

April 20, 2020