Sean Londergan

Sean Londergan


Sean oversees operations in the tax department of the Stephano Slack Wilmington, Delaware office. Working closely with clients across a wide range of industries, from construction, gaming, manufacturing, real estate, and nonprofit organizations to providers of professional services, Sean has, time and again, exemplified outstanding leadership abilities and established integrity.

During his nearly two decades of practice, Sean’s greatest satisfaction has come from using his knowledge and natural savvy in tax matters to guide the growth of his corporate clients. From start-ups to organizations posting sales of $100 million or more, his dedication became instrumental to their success. He is always committed to helping new clients launch a business or achieve their expansion goals. 

A former high school relay champion, this gifted team leader enjoys surf fishing and relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Delaware during his time away from the office. Sean lives in Wilmington and is the proud father to his daughter Camryn and his son, Sean Jr. He holds a degree in B.S. in accounting from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.



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