• Joseph P. Brooks Jr.

Intuitive and naturally curious, Jay has been eager to try new things since he first arrived at the firm as a fresh-faced intern. He’s spent the past seven years using his innovative spirit to progress from intern to staff to management, where he now supervises a wide range of engagements involving employee benefit plans, audits, reviews and real estate, manufacturing, distributing, and service organization compilations — in addition to managing our C Corp tax operations. Hardworking and dedicated to ascertaining and meeting the needs of our clients, Jay is also an effective mentor who takes a genuine interest in the training and professional development of new staff members. He resides in Downingtown, Pennsylvania and regards his B.B.A. in accounting from James Madison University College of Business as one of his greatest achievements. When not at work or pursuing a new and adventurous activity, Jay is usually having fun with his dogs or keeping up with his many interests, which include motorcycles and all types of sports.