Hey everyone. My name is James Padelt and I am one of the new tax season interns at Stephano Slack. I started about a month ago, in the Wayne office, beginning my training with software almost immediately. It started off slow, however, the more comfortable I am becoming with the software the easier it gets. Our coworkers have been beyond nice and have done everything they can to make us feel comfortable and a part of the team. The office is relatively small so everyone knows each other and it is obvious everyone gets along and works well together. From the time I started I have split my time between the Wayne office and the Plymouth Meeting office. At the Plymouth Meeting office I have been doing a lot more of the traditional “intern” work; organizing engagement letters, processing 1099s and preparing the 1099s to be mailed to clients. It may be tedious however, I have been able to relate a lot of what I am doing to what I have learned in the classroom and I feel I am getting the most out of my experience.

A little more about me… I am a Senior Accounting Student at Philadelphia University just beginning my final semester. Previously I was an intern in the fixed asset department for Wawa corporate accounting. My experiences at Wawa have provided me with a great foundation for my career. I was able to develop in a professional environment, understanding what working in an office is really like, while also developing an understanding of corporate accounting. My time spent with Wawa was valuable, but it provided me with the opportunity to move on to where I needed to be to make the next step in my career process. Prior to my internships I worked my way through school at a few restaurants and retail jobs in Philadelphia. I started as a busboy and worked my way to server during my second restaurant job. These experiences taught me a lot about hard work and perseverance. Many times it felt too hard but I kept my head down and kept working.

What attracted me to Stephano Slack? Halfway through the fall semester I knew I needed more experience with an accounting firm. My professor and advisor, as well as my friend, James Solano CPA., gave me a glowing recommendation the day before Stephano Slack employees were interviewing applicants they had previously met at one of the many career fairs held at Philadelphia University. Although I did not apply during the career fair, I was granted an interview due to Professor Solano’s recommendation and for this I am beyond grateful. During my interview I learned more about the firm and was attracted to the growing small business advisory service. As an accounting undergrad I have many different and diverse career opportunities, and am using my experiences to decide what path to take. My parents own their own small business, and although they are not “savvy” business people, they are passionate about what they do. Together they operate a two person shop that builds, repairs and inspects hot air and gas balloons. Early on I was taught that in order to be happy you should be passionate about what you do. For me it was difficult to discover my passions as they relate to my career, however, seeing my parents do what they love everyday, it was easy for me to decide to use my talents and skills to help others do what they are passionate about.

I am excited to start some real projects and cannot wait to get more experience with small business advisory. This is a great opportunity and I am trying to learn as much as I can during the time I am here. Untill the next time!


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