Hello everyone. This past week has been a busy and eventful one for myself. One of our clients recently changed from the cash basis method of accounting to the accrual method of accounting, so their trial balances were altered and now incorrect in our ProSystem fx Engagement system. My job was to go through each trial balance that the client had and, by using the new numbers from the accrual method, change and correct the trial balances in Engagement. In some instances, there were accounts on the new files that were not in the old trial balances. I learned how to add the new accounts into the trial balances and then how to group them so that they match up in the tax software. There were about 15 or so separate trial balances for this client so I got some very good practice and experience with the Engagement software from this task.

On Tuesday, Greg Baroni came in and gave a presentation on the similarities and differences of wills and trusts, and included his personal opinions on each.  Greg is a personal lawyer who handles comprehensive lifetime and estate planning, trust and estate administration, and business planning. The presentation was very informative and I learned a lot more about wills and trusts. On Thursday I helped out at the other office in Plymouth Meeting. After a rapid succession of work in the morning, they took me out to lunch. It was great to get out of the office and get to know them a lot better, since I am only over there once a week. I am very happy knowing that Rick and I are a big help when it comes to the future merger.

 My time here at Stephano Slack is slowly coming to a close but I am getting more experience each and every day. My last day here will be a sad one but I cannot wait to take what I learned and apply it to my last year of college. Rick will be out next week so you will be hearing from me again next Friday. Thanks for reading!



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