Hello everyone. I am sad to say this will be my last blog of the summer, as I am returning to school next week. First and foremost I just want to thank the partners and managers for giving me the opportunity this summer to work for and learn from them. I have learned a lot more than I have ever imagined and I will never forget this experience.

This week was yet another busy one as I was assigned different tasks throughout the week to complete. Early in the week I was given a couple of trial balances that needed to be updated into Engagement. After completing them, I was given another trial balance. I was asked to update this trial balance in Engagement and then enter the information into ProfitCents. This took some time because the trial balance was by far the largest one I had yet to tackle. The accounts were not yet mapped in ProfitCents so it was cool using my knowledge from the ProfitCents project I worked on when I first started here and applying it to this job. Once all of the accounts were mapped the report was ready to be run for that client.

Later in the week I was asked to compare the audit programs for core and specified risk in a system called Checkpoint Tools and in the Engagement Audit template. Whenever the core had a procedure that the specified did not, I was to note it down on a separate document. My last task of the week once again involved ProfitCents. I was given the financial statements of a client and asked to insert their balance sheet and income statement information into ProfitCents.  It felt good once all of the information was entered and the totals came out correct.

It felt like just yesterday I walked into the office having really no idea what to expect. Since my time here at Stephano Slack a lot has changed, and for the better. I have matured more than I knew was possible, and I have gained a remarkable amount of knowledge over these past few months. Along with everything I have learned, the most important part of my time here was the relationships I have formed. This experience was truly an unforgettable one.

Thanks again for reading.


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