As the spring approaches, so do midterms during my senior year at PhilaU. After what seemed like the shortest Winter Break yet, classes started back up quicker than they ever have. I’m finishing my third year at Philadelphia University and, as expected, it has quickly turned into the busiest. Between papers, projects, general homework and studying, the days seem to be a lot shorter than they used to be. As I get closer to finishing the second semester of my senior year, I am also getting closer to finishing my second term at Stephano Slack. I was not working during the Winter Break, so I came back to work right as tax season was really picking up. Without being there to see the work buildup over time, my first day back felt like the first day at a completely different firm. Suddenly, not only does staying past 5 no longer mean you’re showing initiative, it has become almost mandatory to stay well past it. It was a weird feeling getting back to my dorm at 10 at night just to sit down to do some homework, but at this point, it’s become par for the course (with the walls being so full of paintings of golf courses, I’m pretty sure I’m legally, or at the very least morally, obligated to make a golf reference here or there).

Balancing school, work, and a social life has not been the easiest thing to do. I’m still getting the hang of planning exactly when I’m going to do each assignment so I don’t have to stay up all night because I let some due dates creep up on me. While it has been a challenge to make everything fit into these seemingly shortened days, I am definitely learning a lot about planning out my time to avoid those aforementioned long nights. But the tax season is still gaining momentum and it doesn’t look like the school year is going to be outpaced by it. I’ll continue to work on keeping everything in order so I can stay on top of my schoolwork, which will make it much easier to be on top of my work here as well. But if it ever looks like I’ve been up for a day straight when I walk into the office, it’ll just go to show that I need some more practice.



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